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Hornbill Contracting is one of the leading formwork companies in Vancouver, offering a comprehensive range of shuttering carpentry services to meet your tailored needs at an UNBEATABLE price.

Formwork carpentry is a high-core technical area of any construction. We comprise skilled formwork contractors who not are experts in the field of carpentry but possess sound knowledge and technical skill-set in the area of formwork carpentry. Our high-end workmanship, quality of work, on-time completion, and cutting-edge techniques have made us one of the leading formwork contractors in Vancouver you can blindly place your trust upon.

Looking for a certified formwork specialist in Vancouver? You have hit the right link!

Our skilled workforce has been in the industry for a couple of years and competent to make forms of any size and shape depending upon the concrete structure. Having a wealth of experience, our formwork specialists ensure the concrete pouring casts are crafted to perfection and can seamlessly blend with various materials such as wood, plastic, etc. Our shuttering carpenters have the ability to interpret both architectural and engineering drawings and communicate issues that may come along their way while adapting the designs.


Looking for the best partner for your next construction works?

Looking for best partner for your next construction works?